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product scope- ingredients (categories)
- gluten-free ingredients
- organic ingredients
Dietary Fibers- advanced oat fibres
- apple fibres
- cereal food brans
- psyllium (plantago ovata)
- technical impact:  - food labelling & health claims
- technical functionality
- health benefits:- cholesterol, blood glucose
- coronary heart diseases
- digestion and pre-biotic trait
- slimline & weight control
Cereals and- flours, flakes & grains, malts,
Mill Products   cereal brans, pre-gelatinized flours
   - barley, oats, rye, spelt, wheat
- gluten free:   - buckwheat, corn (maize),
     millet, rice, teff
Proteins- food applications
- gluten - vital wheat gluten
- lupin protein
Ancient Grain- teff product range
Teff- nutrients
- carbohydrates
- proteins
- minerals & trace elements
- vitamins
- know-how:- pregnants & baby food
- elderly
- sports, athletes
- baking
- glutenfree foods
- teff vs wheat
applicational- AOF 6000: pasta/extruded foods (pdf)
& technical- soya bran (pdf)
information,- teff essay (pdf)
specifications- teff for baked goods (pdf)
- teff flakes (pdf)
- teff seeds (pdf)
references- literature & technical advises
news & topics- from industry & research
- dietary fibre research
certificates- organic certificate 03/2019 (pdf)
- kosher - advanced oat fiber (pdf)
- kosher - apple fibre (pdf)
- food regulations confirmation (pdf)
terms & cond.- pdf-version
J.R. Primack, N.E. Abrams: View from the Center of the Universe

Joel Primack
& Nancy Abrams:
The View from the Center of
the Universe.

We are responsible to care of the Earth since there is still time to solve some of our prob­lems. The book satisfies our need for order and meaning in our world and in our lives.

Lowering Bread

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TEFF keeps you fit
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NEW! Teff Biscuits:

 - for sportsmen
 - for celiac patients
 - healthy/functional

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A. Einstein

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