German beer, just hops and malt

Brewers Grain Flour

- a challenging ingredient for healthy breads and baked goods

Fresh barley malt beer grain is sourced from brewing according to the German Rein­heits­gebot (beer purity law) and used for processing fine brewers grain flour. Indeed, it is malt grain, pre-fermeted by craftsmanship beer brewing, then thermally treated by extrusion and milled to fine flour.

beer grains bread

Brewers grain flour contains >50% dietary fibre [specification] and lots of proteins and minerals.
A value adding ingredient to conjure rural breads, juicy and healthy in addition.

The pro's are evident: Brewers grain flour provides aplenty of dietary fibre, but also freshness and a discreet tart sweetness.

Yet, bread is not man's only need -
Brewers grain flour is a perfect tool for tasty pizza crusts, rye rolls or snacks like salty sticks and pretzels.

M. & R. Brumback: The Dietary Fiber Weight Control Handbook

Mary H. & Roger A. Brumback:
Dietary Fiber Weight Control Handbook

Good health and dietary fiber. The great beginning of the thin and healthy rest of your life: eating high fiber foods!
2006 - ISBN 1419635948


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Brewers Grain

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